Take your riding to the next level.

Our classes teach riders to be safe, agile, and efficient through targeted drills and direct coaching feedback. Whether you’re looking for basic handling skills or a recurring boot camp with tough workouts, you can find it at Cycle U. If you want to improve, Cycle U is the place.

  1. Chelan Camp – mid May 2019
  2. Cyclocross Bootcamp – August 2019
  3. Beginning Road Racing Clinics SBRP
  4. Road Riding Clinic
  5. Hill Climbing boot camp

*Private Lessons are also available on these skills 1-1 or for your group

Registration opens on December 1st, 2018

Chelan Camp:

5 days that will change your life and improve your fitness and riding. Great roads, winery events, great coaches, great breakfasts at the Apple Cup and great people!  Get a 5 day/4 night training camp to really jump start your season with amazing fully supported rides every day on some of the best roads in the state.

Cycle U coaches will lead on the bike clinics on riding skills as we ride with you and afternoon lectures on a variety of topics.

Cost:                   $799
Location:            Chelan
Date for 2019:   Mid may
Times:                5 days and 4 nights
Includes:            Breakfast & on-the-road lunch. Mechanical support each day, sag for tired legs.

This training camp is for intermediate or above riders who can handle 50-75 miles with 3500-5000 feet of climbing per day, but we will custom choose the best distance for you based on your fitness.

Cyclocross Bootcamp:

Top local coaches, hands on coaching and ideal workouts give you everything you need to rock the Cross season in one package! Open to any level, new or experienced, join us for conditioning and skills that will have you confident, fit and ready for your best cross season yet!

Cost:                   $299
Location:            Sandpoint Cycle U
Date for 2019:  Aug 1 – Sep 13
Times:               6 evenings and 6 Saturdays for 2 hour clinics

Beginning Road Racing Clinics SBRP:

Seattle USA Cycling Beginning Road Racer Program (SBRP)
Cycle University in conjunction with the WSBA (Washington State Bicycle Racing Association) and USAC (USA Cycling) are offering “Learn how to road race” clinics called Seattle USA Cycling Beginning Racer Program, SBRP. The goal is to make racing safer in the NW and introduce more riders to the correct technique for fast riding in a group race environment.

SBRP is a series of 5 unique clinics held at Pacific Raceways in Kent 5:30-6:30pm with practice races to teach riders how to race. Open to anyone wanting to learn how to race or improve their fast riding ability in a group. Two upgrade points are available at each of these 5 unique clinics for a total of 10 upgrade points which last for 3 years. Category 4 riders can use up to 3 SBRP points toward their Category 3 upgrade.

Cost is $40 per clinic or $150 for all 5.

Road Riding Clinics:

This class offers an introduction to group riding, cornering, and braking.  Our coaches will lead the class in drills designed to improve your cornering and braking technique, comfort riding close to others, and pace-line skills. Climbing and descending will be covered including how to stand on climbs, pacing and how to save energy on the descents.

Cost is $80 for a 3 hour clinic.

Road Hill Climbing boot camp.

Learn the secrets to better climbing.  Building on our Road series (details above), the boot camp includes 3 meetings at local climbs with strenuous climbing sets, descending technique practice, pacing analysis, mental training, and immediate coaching feedback.
After you complete these 3 sessions, you will then be giving a 2 month training plan that our will help you to continue your hill climbing skills and strengths development.

Cost is $325