1000% …can you?

Have you ever given 1000%?  Have you heard of a 10x goal?  Setting a goal that is 10x higher than where you are now?  I love this kind of goal because it raises the bar and although I don’t advocate going there often, it is a useful coaching image whether coaching yourself of working with your cycling coach.

I have been thinking of 1000% because that is how I explain how to start a Cyclocross race to my students. 100% is a comfortable level of suffering, but 1000%?  Get on YouTube and watch the start of a pro Cyclocross race.  That is epic suffering and done in the right amount you can find fantastic gains when applying this mindset to yourself at the right time.  Here is a question, what would giving 1000% look like for you to tackle your toughest challenge?  Could you apply that kind of focus to your next important workout or event?


Give it a try on something small.  Work your way up and focus the laser 1000% on your next big assignment and let me know how it goes.  Hey, if you only get to 101% it is higher than most people will dare to try!

Yours on the road (and indoors)

Coach Craig